Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hi Jet here! Early today as I was enjoying a nice rest I saw Ros grabbing my lead so I started to get excited about going on a walk.  Once Ros grabbed everything we headed off on our walk together.

We soon had reached our destination and I was let off my lead to explore. It didn't take me long to find the first interesting smell. 
  After reading the local pee mail I sprinted off towards the oval.
 Then once we had reached the oval I got so excited to be off my lead I took off doing huge zooms.
After my massive zoomie episode we continued around the oval where there was a huge flock of Little Corella enjoying their lunch of grass seeds. 
Then off in the distance I spotted a tiny birdie flying across the oval so I took off after him.  Racing as fast as my legs could carry me. 
After I came racing back to Ros I was placed back on my lead and we headed off but to my surprise   instead of heading home we started walking towards the river.   
 We stopped for a moment so I could get photos of my handsome self taken. If I do say so myself I look very handsome.
SO VERY HANDSOME.  After taking photos of my handsome self we started headed back towards home.  
 Soon we had arrived home and the first thing I did was have a huge drink as after all this walking I was very thirsty.
Once I had finished my big drink I went inside and fell straight to sleep dreaming of my walk with Ros.


  1. Jet
    What a wondewful way to spend the day
    I loved seeing you doing youw zoomies...full of joy and life. and getting a chance to sniff and see so many things..I hope you have sweet dweams now and get to do it all again vewy soon
    smoochie kisses

  2. Awesome, at the zoomies, wow you hard a very good work out, don't know if we could have made it home after all that!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Zoomies do a pup good!

    Monty and Harlow

  4. Oh WOWSA!!! That was one exhaustin' walkie Jet!! I thinks I need a nap just watchin' you!! BOL
    What a great day...and, YES, you are a very handsome ManDog indeed!!
    Ruby ♥☺



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