Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hey Milo & Jet here! Today at lunch time we got a huge spoil of two dinosaur bones each!! Aren't we so lucky? They were HUGE.
We could not wait to get our jaws around them as they looked delicious. Once they had been unwrapped we quickly ran outside to be given our bones. Once we had found a sutibal location we quickly got down to business.
Then as he was chewing on his bone Jet decided to do some doggie pilates. 
 We had been chewing on our bones for almost two hours and we were getting quite hot  so we decided to move out of the shade to continue with our bone spoil.
We had a pawesome time munching on our bones today and there is still much more chewing to do. We reckon they will last us a few days.  We've now come to have a nap as chewing is quite hard work. Bye now from Milo & Jet  


  1. Those bones do look like they'll need days of chewing - enjoy! Woofs and licks from Magic xx

  2. WOW those are some mighty tasty looking bones.

  3. OMD, them things are bigger then us, now thats a chew!

    The Mad Scots

  4. Those are some whopper bones! HUGE! And de-lish, too, I am sure! Lucky dogs!

  5. WOWSA!!! OMD, those are some pawsome lookin' bones guys!! It looks like you needed to take a nap half way through!! BOL
    Ah, you guys are just livin' the life aren't you?!
    Ruby ♥



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