Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! On day two of our holiday we took the humans on a lovely walk through Werribee. We started our walk at our favourite place in town along the river.  It has lovely shade and great smells to sniff out as we walk along.
 Isn't it a beautiful spot? When we come to Werribee this is one of our favourite walks to go on as it has lovely shade and many pawesome smells to sniff out. We had been walking for a while when suddenly Ros stopped to take my photo. I did my best to smile for the camera.
I think I did a very good job at smiling for the camera. After my photo shoot we continued on with our walk. We found some very interesting smells.
 After enjoying checking out the local plants for pee mail it was Milo's turn to pose for the camera and he did a very good job as well.
After Milo had his photo taken we decided that we wanted a photo with Ros so first we had to sniff out a suitable location. Once we had found it we put our best paw forward and photo taking began. We think it came out really well.
Don't we look great together? Then after our photo shoot was over we continued walking. Suddenly we spotted a furry friend coming towards us. 
 We had been walking for a while when we came to the end of our river walk so for something different Ros decided to take us walking down the Werribee streets.
   The humans decided to have lunch in one of the nice cafes along this path so we walked along trying to find one. We think the cafes in Werribee are quite doggie friendly as while we were walking along we saw many cafes with doggie drink bowls already layed out for the thirsty doggie like us. We decided to stop at one and get a big drink.
 After finishing our drink we continued on until a cafe was found for lunch so we had a rest while Ros enjoyed her chocolate muffin.
   After finishing her muffin we decided to start heading home as we were getting very tired by this stage. We headed back towards our car. Once we found it we jumped straight in and fell to sleep. We had a great time exploring Werribee and can't wait until we can go back and do it again. Bye from Milo & Jet


  1. Looks like you all had a great day! Must be a pawsome place to be so doggy furendly!

  2. That's really cool that water bowls were out for you to enjoy. What a dog friendly place and a great adventure!

  3. We love our river and we have a spot that looks JUST LIKE yours! We think it's fantastic that Werribee has drinking bowls! Must be a great place. Thanks for taking us on your walk.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy



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