Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey Milo here! This was to be my last day of my holiday so Ros and I got up early so we had time for one more awesome walk around Geelong. As yesterday's beach trip had been so pawesome I told Ros that I wanted to go back again. After awhile we arrived and unlike the the day before when there had been lots of people around enjoying the beach today we were the only people there at all. We had the whole beach to ourselves; so pawesome!!!   As we were the only people there I was let off leash again but I was very good and stayed close to Ros apart from going off to sniff something interesting.
After having lots of fun exploring around I watched as Ros brought out my favourite ducky toy and threw it for me.  I raced off to get it.    
After the first throw I bought my ducky back to Ros and she quickly threw it again but this second time I did something most cheeky.
Well as you can see after the second throw I got so excited I took of doing huge zoommies, in fact, I zoomed straight into the water with my ducky toy and then I dropped it into the water and left it there. For some reason Ros didn't react well to this and she started saying, "Milo, Get the toy."  I just stood there looking at her with my most cheeky face as I wanted Ros to see how much fun it was to splash in the water but Ros said, "It's winter and the water would be freezing." So there my ducky stayed floating in the water and Ros was starting to get worried I was going to lose it as she was not going out to get it for me. At last I decided that I love my ducky toy so much that if my human wasn't going to rescue him I would do it myself so I waded out and rescued my ducky toy. Once we both arrived safely back to shore after telling me what a good boy I was for rescuing my toy Ros took him off me and put him away again. The nerve! Especially after that trouble I went to rescue him. Well to make up for stealing my toy from me Ros found a small bit of drift wood that I could play with instead so after teasing me with it Ros threw it out into the water and I charged off to get it.
As you can see I had pawesome fun swimming in the sea and after shaking off Ros decided it was time for photo taking so I found a suitable spot and did my best to look very handsome. 
 Didn't I do a great job! Well after looking handsome Ros decided some funny photos were in order as it was quite windy. My ears were doing all sorts of unusual things, as you can see.
Don't they look funny? After this Ros put me back on my lead and decided to make a sand castle which I supervised to make sure she was doing it correctly. 
After supervising for a while Ros told me it was finished so I bent down to have a smell. Suddenly the most unusual thing happened!  I was suddenly possessed with a desire to dig. Usually at home I get in trouble if i'm caught digging but I found out at the beach you're allowed to dig all you want and your human even encourages you. How pawesome is that!   
Well once I stopped I found the sand castle gone and I looked a bit funny with a very sandy face.  
I ended up with sand all over my nose and lips which felt quite funny.  After this Ros said it was time to head back as we were being picked up soon to go home so off we headed to Anam Cara House and I soon fell to sleep. Ros and I had the most pawesome holiday together and hope you enjoyed hearing about all the fun we had and I've heard that we will go back one day because it was such a success. I can't wait. Bye now from Milo.    


  1. What a good day! We love all the photos - for a minute we thought you would swim out to that ship.


  2. Oh Milo thank you for the great episode of Baywatch! Have a wonderful day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Dear Milo,

    Beach! I love the Beach. And you had it all to yourself. You are a lucky Dog.

    You are also a swimming Dog. You are very brave to go in that water for your Ducky. (I love my Ducky very much, but I still wouldn't go in the water for him.)

    And just so you know you have a little something on your nose. Yes, right there. It's a bit... sandy.

    I'm glad you had such a great holiday!


  4. Wow the pictures of you swimming are sooo nice! Exactly the kind of picture that deserves to be printed out and hung on the wall!
    Lots of love,
    Indigo the Great Dane

  5. Love those wonderful pictures! You're a good swimmer and you look so cute with the sand on your nose.

    Have a wonderful Friday!



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