Monday, April 16, 2012


Hey Milo here! Today I went for a lovely walk down to the oval. We arrived just before lunch time and it looked pawesome when we arrived.
Doesn't it look lovely? The first thing I did when I was let off was to do some posing for Ros. I got lots of cookies for doing such a pawesome job.
So after the photo taking was over we headed off to go and explore together. It wasn't long before I came across some good smells.
Oh this smells good! I wonder who it was? Suddenly I looked up and guess who I saw? Amber, my best doggie friend. Oh, I was so excited! I went straight over to say hello. We began playing instantly as we hadn't seen each other for a little while so we had some major catching up to do.
We ran and ran and ran and pounced on each other for a good forty - five minutes. After playing for that long we calmed down and went off exploring together.
After having fun exploring together it was time for Amber to go home so I said goodbye. Then her human took her home and I decided to have a nice rest in the shade.
After having a nice rest in the shade I continued on with my walk. Firstly I asked Ros if she could take a photo so you could see the oval from my perspective. I think she did pretty well myself.
Looks cool doesn't it?
We kept going until we found another spot to lie down. Once I had sniffed out a suitable location we lay down and had a rest together. Then Ros started giving me a scratch on my chest. Oh, I was in heaven.
Oh yes! Just there! Keep scratching. Ohhhh!!! After I had err recovered we decided to go home. I had had a lovely day at the oval and was getting very tired by then so we headed off home and after having a big drink I fell to sleep straight away dreaming of my day out at the oval.


  1. What a beautiful day for an outing

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Tummy tickles!

    Awesome photos, sure looked like a bark tastic day!


  3. How great was that that you met up with Amber there too! You sure can tell you enjoy those tummy rubs!

  4. Howdy Milo, great fun at your local oval. You made us smile cause our cousin Tyler (Choc lab) looks EXACTLY like you when he has tummy rubs too. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. Wow you gusy were out for such a long time, you must have been exhausted by the time you got home!

    Your friend Amber looks like such fun :)

    Double Slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  6. Milo....
    It certainly looks like you had a lot of fun!! I imagine that you are tired now!! ;-}
    I like Chocolate Labs.... In comparison to Black and Yellow, they seem unique somehow!! I love that!! Prior to adopting my beautiful Beagle/German Shepherd cross, Rose, I wanted a Chocolate Lab.... No regrets, though!! ;op



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