Tuesday, August 2, 2011


HI! Angus and Milo here. Yesterday was a great day so at lunchtime we saw Ros grabbing our toys and leashes so we knew we were about to go on a walk. We jumped up ready for our walk and headed to the oval.

Soon we had arrived and we could not wait to start exploring. We hadn't been to the oval in quite a while so there were lots of new smells to sniff.

Oh, this smells interesting ! So after have a sniff around we headed off to do a lap around the oval with me leading the way.

After doing a lap of the oval Ros bought out the toys she had brought with us and the games began. First we played soccer a game I'm very good at.

Waiting for the fun to start. I had a great time chasing after the ball. I'm very clever and can use my nose, teeth and paws to move the ball around. Ros and I played keep away and I had to use all my skills to try to keep the ball away from Ros.

We were having so much fun then I began to notice that the ball was getting smaller. Ros came over and looked at it and discovered that I had accidentally popped the ball.

See how it has shrunk a little bit? Well we had been at the oval for a while so Ros decided it was time for us to have a drink. Ros filled up the bucket we had brought with us so we could have a drink.

So after having a drink we suddenly noticed that someone else had arrived so we went over to say hello. Once we said hello to each other we all walked around the oval togther and we all had fun playing with our new freind.

After a little more exploring our friend had to go home and Ros decided it was time for us to go home too as we had been at the oval a longtime and we were both very tired. After all our exploring we had had a fantastic time. We have our paws crossed the weather will now start to get nice again so we can start going on regular walks with Ros and have many more great adventures.


  1. Hi Y'all,

    That looks like fun I would have enjoyed joining...

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. Sorry blogger has never fixed the comments so I can comment if comments don't pop up. You can reach me through the link on my old LiveJournal Intro

  2. That looks like lots of fun!! Great pictures too! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  3. what a wonderful fun! Hey Angus and Milo, you really had fun playing in that beautiful and refreshing place! I wanna join ah.ah.ah. :)

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